Assisted Listening

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The Mesilla Valley Film Society strives to make the cinematic experience at the Fountain Theatre accessible for all patrons. We offer assisted listening and closed caption devices for our films and we screen open captions on Sunday nights when the scheduled film has an open caption option.

What Are Your Options?

Captioning displays words to indicate spoken dialogue or narration, as well as sounds, sound effects, speaker identification, music, and other auditory information not conveyed in speech. 

Not all films have captioning capability. When the MVFS screens a film with this option, we will note it in advance on the film trailer, our website and in our publicity materials.  Look for the “CC” or “OC” symbol (shown below).


Assisted listening consists of a small wireless radio receiver and either a headset or an induction neck loop that works directly with telecoil-compatible hearing aids. Assisted listening devices (ALDs) amplify and clarify sound by cutting down or eliminating ambient noise. We have two types of ALDs:

Please ask the theatre manager for an assisted listening device.

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Access to the Fountain Theatre

At the Fountain Theatre, wheelchair seating is available. Patrons may request assistance with seating and theatre managers can store walkers for safekeeping during the film.

Please note that the theatre restrooms are not accessible by wheelchair.