Box Office Volunteers

Welcome! Bienvenidos! If you are reading this, you are thinking about being a box office volunteer (BOV).

The BOV is most likely the first individual that patrons encounter upon entering the theater, so it is important that s/he is a “people person” able to cheerfully welcome individuals and patiently answer questions. The BOV keeps a tally of patrons and collects money for memberships and merchandise.

If you are interested in being a BOV, complete the form to include your email address and phone number. The BOV coordinator will contact you, send you a Policies and Procedures Manual and schedule your training.  After training, you are able to schedule yourself to work. You will be on the BOV distribution list and your phone number will be kept in the Host Log.  It’s the philosophy of the current BOV coordinator that if you want to work, you will work at least once/month. Through the BOV coordinator, you schedule yourself to work. However, once you schedule yourself to work, it is your responsibility to find a substitute from the current list of volunteers if you cannot work.

As a BOV, you have the opportunity to see great movies free of charge, get complementary popcorn and a drink when you work, get special prices for events but most importantly you are supporting the screening of independentand foreign films in our community.