Citizens of the World
Citizens of the World

Screenings: Starts October 30

Show Times: Link is good for 72 hours starting at payment. (Please disregard showtimes listed under on our calendar. You may access the film at any time.)

Admission: $10

Running Time: 90 min

Language/Subtitles: Italian w/ subtitles

Film Director: Gianni De Gregorio

Film Access: Go to MVFS-Virtual and follow directions to purchase and stream this film. A percentage of the ticket price comes back to the Mesilla Valley Film Society.  You will be able to watch the film for 3 days on any computer, laptop, ipad, chromebook or other mobile device. P lease let us know via email about your virtual cinema experience. Thank you!

It is never too late to change your life. Three Italians in their seventies, all dealing with their own problems, decide all of a sudden to quit their beloved Rome to settle abroad. But where? This is the first question of one too many. The Professor, retired after teaching Latin his whole life, is getting bored. Giorgetto, one of the last true Romans, struggles to make ends meet every month. Attilio, antique dealer and hippie, wants to experience again the emotions of his youth travels. Things will change, but not quite as expected.