Queen of Hearts: Audrey Flack
Queen of Hearts: Audrey Flack

Screenings: Starts November 20

Show Times: You have access to the film for 72 hours from the time you purchase your ticket. (Please disregard noted showtime of 12:00 on our calendar.)

Admission: $10

Running Time: 75 min

Language/Subtitles: English

Film Director: Deborah Shaffer & Rachel Reichman

Film Access: Go to MVFS-Virtual and follow directions to purchase and stream this film. A percentage of the ticket price comes back to the Mesilla Valley Film Society.  You will be able to watch the film for 3 days on any computer, laptop, ipad, Chromebook or other mobile device. Please let us know via email about your virtual cinema experience. Thank you!

At 88 years-old, Audrey Flack holds a unique place in the history of contemporary art in America. Feminist, rebel, mother, painter, sculptor and teacher, Audrey’s often controversial 40-year career evolved from abstract expressionism in the 1950s to photorealism in the 1970s. One of the first women ever included in the famed Janson’s History of Art, Audrey continues to create, explore, and inspire with her unique style and indomitable spirit.

Queen of Hearts follows Flack as she takes her work in a brand new direction and reveals her long-term struggles as the mother of a child with autism. Flack has something deep and genuine to communicate to the world. She is a provocateur and a rebel, an example and an inspiration. Queen of Hearts is a moving portrait of an artist who is still testing, still experimenting, still searching.